package clusters

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Type Members

  1. class BucketManager extends Clusters

    Data structure for managing all buckets for streamKM++ algorithm.

  2. trait Clusters extends Model

    A Clusters trait defines the needed operations for maintaining a clustering data structure.

  3. case class MicroCluster(sum: Instance, sqSum: Instance, timeSum: Long, sqTimeSum: Double, num: Int) extends Serializable with Product

    A MicroCluster contains the underlying structure for the Clustream processing framework, and summarizes a number of instances belonging to the same MicroCluster.

  4. case class MicroClusters(microclusters: Array[MicroCluster]) extends Clusters with Product with Serializable

    The MicroClusters object contains a number of microclusters in an Array.

  5. class TreeCoreset extends AnyRef

    A TreeCoreset contains the underlying tree structure for the coreset extraction framework.

Value Members

  1. object MicroClusterUtils